• Get walked!

    We are professional dog walkers and pet sitters.

  • What We Do

    Because it's all we do!

    Daily Walks

    Can't wait until you get home?

    We will come to your home to take care of your Mac. Food, water or just some play time or a walk. We would love to visit with your Mac - we don't have many friends.

    Holidays & Vacations

    Need help while you are away?

    Planning a vacation and you can't bring Mac? That's ok! We don't have any plans! We would be glad to spend time with your Mac while you are away!


    Your Mac doesn't like to sleep alone?

    If your little Mac would be happier having someone stay with him to keep the boogey monster away at night - we can do that too! As I said, we don't have a life!

  • Our Walkers

    Meet our team!


    Dogs, Cats, Fish, & Horses

    Roberta and her cat Ziva have many adventures together, bird watching, ant hunts and listening to crazy neighbors!


    Dogs, Cats, Fish & Birds

    McKayla and her cat Bill Murray are savages when it comes to sitting on roofs. She also likes to Netflix and chill with her fish Tom Hanks.


    Dogs, Cats, Fish & Guinea Pigs

    Pam and her dog Mac affectionately named Mac Dog Pro, Macaroni and Cheese and Macky Poo enjoy long walks down short roads.

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    Tell us about your Mac!

    Kalamazoo, MI